Starring Robert Wisdom (THE WIRE), Dree Hemingway (STARLET), Keith Stanfield (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, ATLANTA), Leonard Earl Howze (BARBERSHOP) and Sam Dillon (BOYHOOD, SCENES FROM THE SUBURBS). Premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in the US Narrative Competition. Screened at AFI Fest, Sao Paolo, Warsaw, Miami, Torino Film Festival and American Film Festival in Poland . Winner of the New Visions Award for Best Feature Film at the Bahamas International Film Festival. 






“Live Cargo” is one of the most evocatively shot debut films in recent memory...rendering its every character and dramatic scenario via rapturous black-and-white HD compositions...Cinematographer Daniella Nowitz will surely be able to use her fine work here to attain more high-profile gigs"

- Nick Schager

"The film is shot by Daniella Nowitz with a tangibly textured black-and-white cinematography and is so lushly gorgeous you want to eat it."

- Katie Walsh

"The strongest aspect of the film is the cinematography by Daniella Nowitz, it's black-and-white images lending a painterly quality to the narrative that at times makes “Live Cargo” seem mythic. 'Live Cargo' is a film that confuses silence with great insight, beautiful imagery with emotion"

- Angelica Jade Bastién

"Absolutely breathtaking black-and-white neo-noir cinematography by Daniella Nowitz adds depth and emotional context."

- Andy Webster

"The HD cinematography, by newcomer Daniella Nowitz, is magnificent. I won't soon forget the sight of Lewis walking down a dark road late at night with lightning suddenly igniting the horizon behind him."

- Chuck Wilson

"A black-and-white meander into the dark heart of a Bahamas tourist town...the terrain is chockablock with tension, and in Daniella Nowitz’s cinematography, Sandler has a brilliant partner for his island noir vibe."

- Robert Abele

"The film's stark, high-contrast black-and-white cinematography makes the Bahamian landscape seem otherworldly when drained of the bright colors we associate with the country from travel adverts, while some images of everyday objects and occurrences, such as storm clouds churning in the sky, look almost devoid of naturalism, even suggestive of moving paintings..."

- Wes Greene

"One of the strengths of Live Cargo is that it allows the imagery to do most of the work rather than relying on dialogue...This is the first feature for both director Logan Sandler and DP Daniella Nowitz, and they’ve both cast their mark in capturing mood and setting. Live Cargo is an unforgettable debut and a promise of greater heights to come.

- Nelson Tracey

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Cinematographer Daniella Nowitz captures gorgeous frames worthy of a print ad at times, while using the black and white to simultaneously catch tones and textures we wouldn’t usually notice. The sweat seeping through a shirt, or glistening off of someone’s forehead stresses the heat of the island and the work of the islanders. The lack of color itself, in a place where we would expect to see stunning hues, forces your focus on the story while enhancing the way you take it in."

- Kevin Sampson

"Live Cargo's strongest point is the aesthetic of its imagery. Shot in black and white, the film is shiny and desaturated,  dominated by shadows and darkness which cancel out the postcard beauty of the Bahamas...The cinematography is very stylish with aesthetically appealing with its composition."

- Antoinio Pettierre

Live Cargo is a gorgeous film to gaze upon, being in only black and white adds a level of poignancy to its corresponding plot elements...It’s a bold choice to shoot an island paradise in this format, which makes a place of peace for so many shown in a different light for its respected leads.

- Nick Cassaletto

"The film proves to be intoxicating, apt to swallow you up in cinematographer Daniella Nowitz’s glorious use of the widest framing possible."

- Stephen Saito